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Hi, my name is Niki Maria.  I am a current student of Psychology, a mom of 2 boys, a technology enthusiast and a Yogi! Welcome to my blog.  On my blog, I write about Yoga, being a boy mom, technology hacks for everyone and mental health.  I initially started blogging on the Panic Spot in 2015, sharing my journey with Bipolar Disorder and how I was living with severely debilitating panic attacks and anxiety.  After my trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2019, I decided that I would train for Kirtan and Chakradance facilitating.  My day job is a Web & Marketing Director for a window company, and a few days a week, I facilitate Chakradance and Kirtan at a local meditation center. 

My passion is to share the amazing benefits of finding healing no matter what you are struggling with.  I hope you enjoy my posts and say hello anytime! 


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She overcome everything that was meant to destroy her.
Sylvester McNutt

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Mental Health

Self Love & Healing

What if you love yourself a little harder than you ever tried to before? How would that feel? Check out the posts dedicated to Mental health, Self Love and Healing.

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Check out our topics about Kirtan & Chakradance, as well as Yoga. We cover topics in all spirtual healing categories and love to share what works.

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Chakradance is an exercise that allows you to access the deepest conscious state of being while embracing music and ancient beliefs.

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